Cisco 2801 WAN DHCP Issues

By cgerckert ·
I have a 2 part question. One I recently downgraded my offices service from Verizon Fios Static IP to Dynaic IP service because we no longer needed the Static IP. The service was witched over today and I thought I could simply log into the SDM web gui and change the wan to a dynamic dhcp. Unfortunately the router refuses to pick up the dynamic IP address. I can plug in a computer directly to the cable coming from verizon and get on to the internet. My computer finds the IP right away.

Second, I backed up the router config and wiped the router clean to see if that helped and it didn't but now I can't find an option in the SDM to upload a configuration file. How can I reload the config back onto the router?

I'm really in a pickle here.

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reply for question two

by thehumi In reply to Cisco 2801 WAN DHCP Issue ...


From the SDM, there is a place you can edit the running configuration.

Click the "Additional Tasks" Icon on the left side navigation. Now It is the last item on the navigation labeled "Configuration Management".

I don't have a copy of the program at my finger tips so there isn't much more information I can supply you. From what I have given you however, it should point you exactly to what your looking for.

I can't be sure of your technical knowledge, so I'll keep it at an intermediate level. If you have other questions, let us know and we'll do our best to walk you through it.

For the second part of your question...
If you posted the backed up version of the configuration, we could pick it apart and see what the problem is. Without it we can't do much more than guess blindly.

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