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    Cisco 2811 issue


    by mjabim ·

    Dear All,

    I got a cisco 2811, router with 2 FE ports. One of them is connected to IPCONNECT line and other one to the internal LAN.

    I am able to telnet to my remote site from the router , but I cant do it from the internal LAN. I had given the routes in the router but still the same problem.

    What might be the problem? Could someone help me in this as it is very URGENT. Thanks in advance

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      by mjabim ·

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      Gateway on internal lan devices

      by synner ·

      In reply to Cisco 2811 issue

      Check the routing table on the devices on your internal lan. Please post the output from: netstat -r from one of your workstations and the config from your router.

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