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Cisco 2950 using Multiple VLans

By nosligc ·
I am having a issue configuring my 2950 switch with multiple VLans. The switch has 24 ether ports and 2 100BaseFX ports. This switch is connected to a ProCurve switch which is connected to my default gateway.

Now for the issue. I have 3 Vlans configured on the 2950 and each has 8 ports assigned to it. When Connect to each of the Vlans, I am unable to pass traffic outside of that vlan. Port 25, which is the 100BaseFX port, is connected to the Procurve and is still in VLan 1.

The 3 VLans do not and should not communicate with each other, but all three do need the access from the default gateway to the internet. Simple question, How can I send and receive traffic from each VLan over Port 25 which is still in VLan 1.

Also note that the 3 VLans do not have assigned IP Addresses as these will be changing.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Cisco 2950 using Multiple ...

You should note, the 2950 switch is a layer 2 switch. You will not be able to assign IP addresses to multiple VLAN interfaces on that switch. You should only assign an IP to the VLAN which you desire to use for management.
Also, you should ensure you have the port which is the ingress/ egress point for all VLAN traffic is a trunked port. This link may help you out.**86a00800ef797.shtml


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