Cisco 2950 with 2 Vlans

By woolridgea ·
I am not a Cisco Guru but I can hold my own. I have a 12 port Cisco 2950. I am wanting to put 2 vlans on this switch. I have 2 subnets both are 1 of those subnets does not have any IP's left and cannot have more added for various reasons. I have the 2 vlans configured with certain ports in both and I would like port 12 to be the connection between the switch and the router which is a Cisco 1720. I want both Vlans to go through that port. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if it is can anyone give me any ideas?

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yes it is possible

by Chris910 In reply to Cisco 2950 with 2 Vlans

it is as simple as assigning both vlans to port 12 on the switch and routing both Vlans to the port on the Router.

IOS 12.1 Switch Config can be found here

Look at the "How VLAN Trunks Work"

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Partially working

by woolridgea In reply to yes it is possible

Thanks for the link.

It took me a step further. Vlan1 now has the ability to ping everything including devices on vlan 2. vlan 2 cannot even get to the fast ethernet of the router. That would tell me that port 12, which I have trunked, is not including vlan 2. I have read through the link again and again and do not see where it tells you to add vlan 2 into the trunking. Am I on the right track? Any suggestions on where to look or a code to add vlan 2 to port 12? Thanks!

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partially working cont.

by woolridgea In reply to Cisco 2950 with 2 Vlans

Upon further review I realized that Vlan 1 cannot ping devices on vlan 2. I made an idiot mistake. Vlan 1 can still however ping the fast ethernet interface with both default gateways (vlan 1's DG and vlan 2's DG). Vlan 2 cannot ping anything including it's own DG. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Try this

by Chris910 In reply to partially working cont.

I'm a little rusty and no longer have access to the network I set this same configuration up on 2 years ago but lets see what we can figure out.

first, you should only use VLAN 1 (default) for control. Use VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 (any number up to 1001) for your subnets. After you make this change neither subnet will be able to ping their gateway. Now Add the Gateway Ports on the router to their respective VLANS. If both gateways are on the same port you may have to remove the IP addresses, assign the vlans and then add the IP addresses to the appropriate VLANS.

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problem solved

by woolridgea In reply to Try this

The problem is solved because it is not possible with the hardware I have. I posted on a cisco forum and they told me that the router does not support trunking so that is not an option. I guess I will just use the ethernet and fast ethernet ports on the router. Was not ideal but will have to do.

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Cisco 2950 with 2 vlans

by madhu_uyyala In reply to Cisco 2950 with 2 Vlans

According to ur configuration u want to intervlan communication?
Or that two vlans would communicate to a router,indirectly 2 vlans are communicate

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