cisco 3550 switch two isp two different lan

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I am having a cisco 48 port 3550 switch with L3 image. I am having Two ISP with static IP from both. - VSNL - RAILTEL.

Now my problem is
one dept should use VSNL,
other Dept should use Railtel.

There should be no mix up between the two ISP.
How to configure the switch to do the above configuration

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using VLANs and policy based routing

by BizIntelligence In reply to cisco 3550 switch two isp ...

3550 is layer 3 switch so create three vlans on switch. one each for users, VSNL and RAITEL. then use policy based routing or access lists to route traffic from users VLAN to ISP vlans as per your requirement.

You can refer to an example as shown below:**86a00802135d3.shtml#conv


Configure two VLANs i.e. one for each dept. something like this

Members: Dept1 and ISP1
Default Gateway of VLAN1 : IP of ISP1 router Local ETH port

Members: Dept2 and ISP2
Default Gateway of VLAN2 : IP of ISP2 router Local ETH port

Please note I have not done it before but you may try it. Also if possible then please use simulator first (like Cisco Packet Tracer).


Good Luck !

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