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By deepika_borntowin ·
how do i configure a new 3550 switch (that is which i bought it new frm the market)i need the whole configuration?

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by syst3m.admin1strator In reply to cisco 3550 switches

by a whole configuration im guessing you just mean a basic config.

to tell you the truth i could write a basic config and you could do a copy paste into your terminal,then simply do a copy running-config startup-config but i think that itll probley be better if you read this.

first off you need a communications software like hyperterminal and a console cable, once you have configured and IP address on a port you can then use telnet.

when you open your communication software (hypertermianl) you must set the connection to use the following:

bits per second = 9600
data bits = 8
parity = none
stop bits = 1
flow control = none

also if you have more than one serail port make sure you select the correct one. that will get you into the switch so you can configure it.

here is a link to a good tutorial for actually configuring it up.

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