Cisco 3560 switch and vlan trunking

By tazz20019 ·
I'm in an office with two outlets for separate vlans and need more links for pc's. I have one cisco 3560 catalyst switch. Is it possible to use each outlet as a trunk or access link to say fa11 and fa24 and assign ports 2-10 to one and 12-23 to the other?

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Could you explain what you mean

by NetMan1958 In reply to Cisco 3560 switch and vla ...

by "outlets"? I don't understand what your asking. Maybe if you give more detail, I can help.

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Let me clarify...

by tazz20019 In reply to Could you explain what yo ...

I guess I really meant ports in a wall outlet, one is for the network and the other for network. A 24 port switch plugged into either one would be a switch for that single network with more ports than I need for either network. Can this switch be configured as essentially two switches, half on the .50.0 and half on the .120.0 without a layer three device?

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Yes and No

by NetMan1958 In reply to Let me clarify...

Yes you can configure multiple VLAN's and associated subnets on the same switch, however you will need a layer 3 device to enable communication between the different subnets. The 3560 is a layer 3 switch so you can configure it for ip routing and it will route the traffic between the different VLANs/subnets.

Hope that answers your question and you can post back if you need additional info.

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Use Switch port as a Trunk port

by CG IT In reply to Cisco 3560 switch and vla ...

here's a Cisco article on Trunk ports for the 2900 series [layer 2]. These are also applicable to the 3500 [layer 3]. you just specify which switch port is a trunk port for your VLAN .

The trunk port isn't a routing port for intervlan routing. you provide intervlan routing by creating subinterfaces on your router Network Interface.

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