Cisco 3650 Switch IOS deleted from FLASH

By cgadley ·
I'm currently in Cisco 3 class working on switches. I deleted (yes, I know) the IOS out of the FLASH.
Since I deleted the IOS I can only get to the switch: prompt and have so far unsuccessfully been able to upload an IOS to the flash.

I can't use xmodem as it will take many hours and the teacher wants me to fix it because I broke it (Yes, I know)

I'm trying to load a downloaded copy of the IOS from another switch through tftp
Cisco's documentation (that I found) only talks about tftp through priveledged exec mode. The teacher says it can be done, but I'm not seeing how.

Can anyone please help?

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re: Cisco 3650 Switch IOS deleted from FLASH

by michael In reply to Cisco 3650 Switch IOS del ...

I *thought* you could set a basic IP address and copy it from another device or server. See the bootloader command reference at the url below:**86a0080878051.html

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Cisco 3650 Switch IOS deleted from FLASH

by cgadley In reply to re: Cisco 3650 Switch IOS ...

I've looked into the commands for boot and how they work. All I could figure was the same types of commands that are used to load an IOS for a Cisco Router. I was able to set those using the "Set" command" but still unable to work out how to execute the "tftp" transfer onto the switch. (Routers are easy compared to this... )

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