Cisco 3725, no console access

By don ·
I was given two Cisco 3725 routers and I am unable to access either through the console port. I don't have either of their configs so I don't know what is enabled and what isn't. I know my laptop works, I know my roll over cable works, and I know my hyperterminal session is set correctly (at least for other Cisco routers). I just get a blinking cursor trying to connect. I have tried connecting before and after the router boots up. The SYS/RPS light blinks after turning it on (which means it's booting, then turns solid). How do I get into these boxes???

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Re: Cisco 3725, no console access

by ssconn In reply to Cisco 3725, no console ac ...

You have a couple options here, the first best option is to get the console working. Since you are sure that your cable and port are good, you have to fall back on the idea that someone has reconfigured the config-register. I have personally come across one that was set at 1200 bps and 7-E-1. So, methodically check each speed with each port speed until you find the ones that match.

Your other option is not guaranteed success, but I have had limited success with the following. Put your PC and the router on the same hub/switch/xover-cable and ping the broadcast address (, which should make the router respond with it's own IP address that you can find in the ARP cache of your PC (arp -a). The problem with this is Windows doesn't support pinging the broadcast address (rightly so), so you will need a Unix/Linux box or possibly another router.

Now change your PC's IP to be on the same network as the router and you should now be able to telnet/ssh to the router. This is the part that is shaky, you need the vty and enable passwords, which didn't sound like you had.

Hope that helps.

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