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    Cisco 3825 and 3560 PoE Switch


    by markman228 ·

    I know it’s something simple

    On the 3560 the vlan’s work and can ping the outside. When I attach the switch to 3825 I can only ping the default vlan (Vlan1). The other Vlan ip addresses are,,, I attached a pc to the router and was able to get to the internet so I am kind of confused why it won’t work.

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      by markman228 ·

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      What doesn’t work?

      by sdrucker ·

      In reply to Cisco 3825 and 3560 PoE Switch

      The ping doesn’t work?

      The subnets, subnetmasks, and gateways of the other vlan’s may be mis-configured.
      The routes may be mis-defined in the router’s configuration.
      ICMP may be blocked.
      Do you have your config file that you can post?

      A million things can make something NOT work. They all have to be right for it to work.

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        3825 router and 3560 PoE

        by markman228 ·

        In reply to What doesn’t work?

        The router won’t recognize any traffice coming from ( Vlan2 through Vlan5). I used “ip
        route” to try to get the router to accept the traffic but it
        didn’t work. The vlan configuration command works
        differently on the switch, in regards to assigning ip
        addresses to a vlan.
        I can not ping the vlan2-vlan5 from the routers console.
        The vlan on the switch work because everything is
        accessable when the router is not inline with the switch. I
        can ping the other GE0/1 but that is a no brainer.

        ex. of the ip route
        ip route
        ip route
        ip route
        ip route
        ip route

        Thank you very much for your reply.

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      by jellimonsta ·

      In reply to Cisco 3825 and 3560 PoE Switch

      Is your 3560 a layer 3 switch? Are you running an internal routing protocol? You will need to make sure they both have an IP in the same subnet and which ever VLAN that subnet is assigned to (ex. VLAN 20= 10.20.1.x) is the VLAN assigned to the port on the switch that is plugged into the router interface.
      Can you console into each device and check the logs? Do you have cdp enabled and can see each device with a show cdp neighbor?
      Also, if the 3825 is your router and you are not running a routing protocol, or the switch is layer 2, you will need to ensure you have ip route in your switch config.

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        3825 and 3560 switch

        by markman228 ·

        In reply to VLANs

        Yes it a layer 3 switch and the vlan1 and the port on the
        router are on the same network I have checked
        the information on the logs and it looks like the packets
        are getting dropped. I check on the cdp status and I put
        the information about the routing on the previous
        posting. Thank you for your reply, it is appreciated.

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          by jellimonsta ·

          In reply to 3825 and 3560 switch

          So it looks like this (kind of)?

          int gig0/0
          ip address
          desc Uplink to switch1

          int vlan1
          ip address
          desc Router VLAN

          int fa1/0/1
          desc Uplink to router1 gig0/0
          switchport access vlan1

          Also, what routing protocol are you running between the 3560 and the 3825? Or are you using static route?

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