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Cisco 4000/2501 Routers able to ping in only one direction

By adhalla ·

I have two locations using Cisco Routers connected to Adtran ISU's connected via ISDN.

At Location A (MAIN SERVER SCO UNIX 5.0.6), I have a Cisco 4000 Router (connected to Adtran ISU's), and at Location 2 (REMOTE) I have a Cisco 2501 Router (also connected to Adtran ISU's.

Here is my problem...

When I am at the remote location - I can ping any IP device at that location (router, Micro Annex XL), AND I can ping Accross the ISDN line to the MAIN SERVER LOCATION, and ping any ip addressed equipment on that side ( Servers, Computers, printers, etc). But from the MAIN SERVER LOCATION, I can only ping the Router at the REMOTE location. Any equipment "behind" the router, at the remote site (Laptop, Micro Annex XL) cannot be "ping"ed from the Main Location.

Since this is the case I cannot get my server - at the MAIN LOCATION to COMMUNICATE with WYSE 60 dumb terminals at the REMOTE SITE through the Micro Annex.

By the way I can also VPN (using my Laptop) from the Remote site to a CITRIX METAFRAME SERVER at the MAIN LOCATION - but oddly enough even the CITRIX server cannot "ping" the laptop across the routers?

Is there a Cisco Setting in either of the Cisco Routers that could be responsible or is there something else going on here? Ny suggestions would be appreciated?



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Should not be Cisco unless you use NAT

by crt In reply to Cisco 4000/2501 Routers a ...

The Cisco boxes give you connectivity back and forth or you could not ping from anywhere. A ping has to go from point A to B and back to A

Are you using NAT at the remote? That would prevent the MAIN location devices from reaching the REMOTE ones.

Are your remote devices defined in your DNS? Can you ping if you use the IP address instead of the name?

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