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    Cisco 7206 router question


    by pouya.nasirabadi ·


    I have a Cisco 7206VXR Router with NPE-G1 with its PA-GE connected to 3x Gigabit module in a Cisco 12012 with PRP-1.

    When my traffic exceeds 300Mbps 400Mbps I start seeing about 3% packet loss in the link and input errors (ignored) start increasing on the 7206 gigabit interface at the same time.

    From what I gathered in my googling 7206VXR with G1 can support upto 600Mbps in each of its sides (slot 1,3,5 and slot 2,4,6). As I don’t have any other interfaces on the same side of the said pa-ge, I don’t see how this shoudl affect me. I tried changing the fiber patch cord, the PA-GE module, the slot it is installed, the gigabit interface on 12012 on the same module and also another module on 12012.

    I’m running into a deadend here. Anyone has experience with gigabit traffic on 7206 or 12012?

    P.S: Sorry for the bad English. 😛

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      by pouya.nasirabadi ·

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      by fregeus ·

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      BTW, your english is pretty darn good compared to most we see here from your region.

      Do you have registered Cisco support on your device? Sounds to me like you troubleshooted this pretty well and the problem might be with a defective chassis or NPE-G1. Cisco support is very effective and could help you greatly with this issue.

      I strongly suggest you call them


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        Cisco Support

        by pouya.nasirabadi ·

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        Unfortunately Cisco doesn’t support my country (being terrorists and all).

        I don’t think its the chassis or NPE-G1, because when I transfer the same traffic through two STM1 POS modules on the same side of the chassis there is absolutely no problem. I’m starting to think 7200 can’t support more than 300Mbps on one slot.

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