Cisco 831 router password recovery gone wrong

By peep-show-host ·
I was trying to recover a password on a cisco router that I bought 2nd hand, I typed the command confreg 0x2120 instead of 0x2102 and from that time, all I see from the router is like the stuff what I pasted below, can I recover this router and is this stuff that I am seeing the router boots up?

??*]?W???r?5??QD?h,Y???988?o??(g???$??????? ??j??h????.(.?h?E?l:B?
???B??JJJi[??nN??j.E+!?*??E JJ?zi[??<???????
? ?(A?<?4(?z? "???jj.(?V???(BA?j?? 8hj?(+?J??2?(??j8(?,?j?J(?A? ? ?8*????j?W?h?r?
????????? ?` ?*(?j(?h?h(E?.n5?V*#???*,;??.1JJzi?fV??N?e(.<B??8n??4?K??,3v?l?l$?fN?hj?(?h?f?D??h?*N?6?(?bV??*?????*!9)??JZJ?,<=??*W?.hj ?$?]?u
,?nE?l????8,??z??????jjvj,5??((.=??B?l?,,3????(??r???j?G?*Qj?h?h?je?(??4????n?JJJi[i[??<?????????V?(,;?,???l ?jW??fGt?? (?"?w?fVln?N?;???N?j????8j4iPh?(7hrA?<?

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