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Cisco 837 ADSL Router ? Any Good?

By imranm ·

Over the past few weeks, I?ve been having problems with routers crashing (freezing) when there is a large amount of p2p and Bittorrent (Azureus) activity. I then have to manually reboot the router; recently I?ve had to do this every few days and its becoming increasingly annoying.

I?m currently using;

1) Efficient Networks 5861 (ex BT running firmware v6.1.001)
2) Draytek Vigor 2600 (annex A running firmware v2.5.6RC1)

A colleague suggested that I get myself a ?real router? and recommended the Cisco 837, which supports DHCP, Firewall, NAT and has a built in ADSL modem etc

I?m not a Cisco expert however I?ve worked with a PIX 515E at work, nothing fancy just opening ports etc

Would the Cisco 837 be the best unit to fulfil the above, I?m not looking for advance features, just web browsing but lots of Bittorrent and p2p downloads and stability is priority?

Is there anything I should be made aware off before going ahead with the purchase? Please treat me like a complete n00b!



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why spend the money

by gambo45 In reply to Cisco 837 ADSL Router ? A ...

Sure its a great router if you have money laying around. If web browsing and p2p traffic is all your doing get a netgear router.

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by imranm In reply to why spend the money

I was considering getting a standard router, like Netgear / Linksys, but will they buckle under the stress of all those p2p / Bittorrent connections? :-)

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Give the netgear a shot

by gambo45 In reply to

My netgear router is at least 6 years old and has taken a beating. Give the netgear a shot. You can always take it back

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by imranm In reply to Give the netgear a shot

What netgear (model) do you have?

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by Sitizn Wille In reply to

I am using a cisco 837 adsl router and have to admit it is a bit expensive, but it is a first class deal. We have never had any problems other than the isp's dsl having problems. Has pretty good security features as well. If security and reliability is a must go with Cisco.
worth the money

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by imranm In reply to 837

Yea, it is expensive ? I?m going to sell my current routers to a client.

Have you had any experiences with any p2p / Bittorrent downloads via the Cisco 837?

Have you had to reboot it because it?s not accessible from LAN?



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by Sitizn Wille In reply to

don;t really know what Bittorrent is? I take it just a p2p file sharing program?

I haven't, but mine is used heavly for web/email, ftp, ssl traffic. Has never had any problems, freezes or crashes.
Not sure about the p2p, but would not see why it couldn't handle that as well?
The only downside that I see, is the cost of there stuff. They have great tech support as well, as long as you can understand the person you are talking to, but they really know there stuff.
Good luck in whatever you choose!

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I belive its the netgear 810..

by gambo45 In reply to

I belive its the netgear 810. They don't make it anymore. You should be good with any of the new ones. Depending on how much you want to spend.

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Not Netgear

by Derek Silva In reply to Give the netgear a shot

I've had several friends have major issues with Netgear, and SMC, routers. Personally I'd recommend either Linksys or D-Link.

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