Cisco 851 Easy VPN Server Trouble

By krueger_alex ·
I'm having some trouble getting my VPN to work. I'm using Cisco's VPN Client to connect to a Cisco 851 with East VPN. It works insofar as I can connect, and ping the IP address of my Vlan1 ( However, I can't ping or reach any other computers or device on Vlan1.
I assign IP address on the incoming VPN connections to the same subnet as Vlan1 and assign the IP address of the virtual tunnel interface as 'unnumbered to Vlan1'.
I've tried enabling split tunneling (via SDM), but it has no effect.
Anyone have any ideas??

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I got it....

by krueger_alex In reply to Cisco 851 Easy VPN Server ...

It was because the addresses I was assigning to the VPN clients was on the same subnet aa Vlan1 (192.168.3.x). I now assign my VPN clients 192.168.2.x, with a subnet of and all is good....
I don't understand why one has to do it that way, but I'm just happy it works.

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