Cisco 861 router multiple VLANs/DHCP pools

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My goal here is to have one DHCP pool serve clients on one VLAN, another DHCP pool serve all other clients. I have my DHCP pools set up and a VLAN 796 configured ONLY for interface f2 (switchport access vlan 796), the default gateway IP for my VLAN-serving DHCP pool assigned to interface VLAN 796, the default router for my DHCP pool is also and I have the ip dhcp-server command in place. I have f2 connected to a switch port on a VLAN with only one other port on it, with my laptop connected to this port. I see clients receiving my full scope and in the "show arp" output these clients appear on interface vlan796. Given my configuration I don't see how this is possible. And on my laptop I receive IPs from the other DHCP pool (which is rather than the pool. I have since excluded some addresses. Also I have a a permit any any access-group in place for interface vlan796. Any assistance would certainly be appreciated of course.

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