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    Cisco 871w 12.4-11.T1 Can’t get IP config from Road Runner


    by rlj1 ·

    I used the template from Tech Republic labeled 851w_dhcp_config_worksheet.xls that is formally titled ?CLI template for Cisco 851w/871w standard ios.?

    I figured it would be a good starting point at the very least. However my experience over the past 5 days or so has proven to be an exercise in frustration.

    To begin with, I do have at least a small clue most of the time. I was (have let it lapse) a CCNP for a while. It seems now that I have forgotten too much and I am digging again.

    I strongly suspect that it is much more a problem with Time Warner / Road Runner than anything else. Using the word Cisco in the same sentence that requests help from Road Runner tech support is akin to teaching a pig to sing. It really annoy’s the pig.

    I feel for them, they are put in the situation of supporting a network with nothing more than a script and the majority of them haven’t got a clue and I’m sure they aren’t paid very well. Most unfortunate. But I regress, sorry.

    There was one interesting (at least to me) statement made from tech support that they showed 2 IP addresses associated with my connection. I thought that they were only supposed to give me one. I have rebooted the WebStar cable modem so many times now that the power plug is showing wear.

    After fighting with this for a while I finally went back to the factory settings and tried to run the SDM to see what was different. The result was that I indeed get an IP address. Of course it also passed it to the laptop I was using to configure the router with. I figured I could beat on the NAT setup afterwords if I at least had an address and was able to get out. Unfortunately, after a few seconds,

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      This belongs on the Questions Forum..not here

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to Cisco 871w 12.4-11.T1 Can’t get IP config from Road Runner

      This forum is for general discussions, not Q&A.

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      I’m getting the same thing with an 851 and RR

      by jim.tarala@ ·

      In reply to Cisco 871w 12.4-11.T1 Can’t get IP config from Road Runner

      I’m seeing the same thing trying to connect a Cisco 851 to Roadrunner. A Linksys works fine, plug the 851 in and it will not pull a DHCP address from Roadrunner.

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        Solve the issue by removing access-group

        by le_viet ·

        In reply to I’m getting the same thing with an 851 and RR


        I just purchased a 851 and had the same issue, version
        12.4(4)T6. I was unable to get an IP address from
        Telnet the router and go into configuration mode
        yourname# conf t
        yourname(config)#interface fa x (x = name of the
        interface that is connected to the cable modem, on the
        851 it’s 4)
        yourname(config)#no ip access group in

        then you request an address using the ip address dhcp
        and it should work.

        According to Cisco support this is a bug and it would
        would be great if you call them to report your problem. If
        they receive many calls on the same problem, this will
        enable them to start a bug fix process.

        Hope it helps,


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