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Cisco and Netgear

By jpyper ·
I recently setup a pc at a clients home using a wireless netgear router and pci card. They use cisco vpn client to tunnel into their network at the office. I have setup similiar connection for other clients of the same branch, they use wireless laptops which brings me to believe that the problem I have is related to the pci card. (Windows XP Pro + SP2) Internet connection is live, I establish vpn and can ping all their servers. All the host and LMHost files are in place, but when I try to join the pc to their domain, the vpn boms out with an error saying that the connection has been terminated by the local host. I then have to reboot the pc to get any sort of vpn going again. The home connection is on a static ip, just incase you were wondering. Is there anything I am missing?

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by johnnywatt In reply to Cisco and Netgear

Although you have and can join clients to a domain using VPN, it isn't a recommended practice. Therefore, you will find minimal support for such a problem.
My suggestion is to bring this PC to the network itself and join the domain, then place the PC back into the remote access scenerio for network Access.
If you insist on joining this client over VPN, ensure you can ping all the server's by host name, not just IP (if you have not already done so). Have you joined computers over VPN successfully on this network before? Some network firewalls have rules in place to not allow certain packets to/from internal computers.

Join the PC on the live network, then return the computer to home if you absolute best solution.


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by kevin.square In reply to Cisco and Netgear

there should be something in the server or cisco client vpn logs. If you have the stateful firewall on in the client try turning that off temporarily. Occasional issues when both xp and cisco f/w are on.

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