Cisco ATA 186 not working with crecit card machine

By rhaddon ·
I have a Cisco ATA 186 that had been working fine with a creidt card machine and then it stopped connecting to the host. I have changed the baud rate, phone lines, and CAT 5 lines.

The only thing that has changed on our network is we went from MGCP to H.323 shortly before the problem started, but I have another location that is using and ATA with a credit card machine and they are not reporting any problems.

Dose anyone know how to (or if it can be done) configure the ATA 186 to work with credit card machine.


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Is H323 allowed on the Cisco device?

by seanferd In reply to Cisco ATA 186 not working ...

If the ports/protocols are denied, you won't be making the connection.

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by rhaddon In reply to Is H323 allowed on the Ci ...

I have looked at the device in the call manager and the device page and can not tell if it is running H323. How can I check?

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I am not a call manager expert

by robo_dev In reply to H.323

but I seem to recall that the gateway is defined as a H.323 gateway, so it should be listed on that page.**86a0080094636.shtml

Looking at some similar problems found with google, it would appear that credit card machines often do not play well with ATAs.

In the link below there is discussion of some sort of 'modem pass thru mode' with call manager...

The below is copied from that site:

The Cisco ATA Administration Guide discusses a "modem pass-through mode" which you could try. "Modem pass-through" is triggered for a call by first dialing *99 (the default trigger code that can be modified) before dialing the distant number. I think you need to dial *99# and then the number or *99 and wait until dial tone returns before dialing the distant number. The documentation indicates that this disables echo canceller, call waiting, silence suppression, and out of band DTMF for the call. It also sends the call using G711u or G711a codec only.


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by robo_dev In reply to Cisco ATA 186 not working ...

Does it dial, the host answers, and then handshake fails, or does it even get that far?

I assume you can connect to the host using a standard telephone, so it's not some simple dial-plan issue?

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dials out

by rhaddon In reply to Clarify

From what I can tell it is dialing but not connecting. I can manually dial the number from the fax machine that is on line two of the same ATA and it goes through.

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