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    cisco catalsyt switch 2940


    by vinmcse ·

    i want to configure this switch.

    scanerio is: this switch is basically connecting 2 building we already have a switch on building 1 which is working now this switch is in building 2 and connected by fiber optic. I am new in cisco would like to know how i have to configure and what commands to use to see the already configured switch and how to configure the new one.


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      by vinmcse ·

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      Could you add more info about what you are trying to do…

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      You have two switches between two buildings. So what are you trying to do exactly?

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      by vinmcse ·

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      basically i am trying to connect one switch with another switch which is already configured, these both switches are attached with a fiber optic from one building to another i just need simple connectivity assign the manual ip to the new switch so that peoplw in new building can connect to the servers on another building.

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        belong to same VTP domain and is a VTP client

        by cg it ·

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        provided the first switch is a VTP server,then just connect them using a trunk.

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