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Cisco Certification Help

By chaz2005 ·
Can someone tell me where i can find informatrion about the cisco networking certification test. I am going to be a jr in high school but i am takeing the class and test next year and i heard that our teacher isnt very good and i need some reffrecesto study before i get to involved in over my head. can someone tell me where to find out whats on the test and maybe some worksheets to study.

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finding study sites

by snaginwy In reply to Cisco Certification Help

Try google. You want free test study sites. There are a lot of them out there. I don't know why you're in such a hurry to get certified, but suggest that you concentrate most of your energy on the school stuff for another couple of years, like untilyou graduate. And, no, I'm not picking on you for your youth. Truth is, your age is only a factor until you are legally hire-able. After that it's a matter of perspective, yours and the person doing the hiring. However, spelling skills are necessary. By the way, there is a change in the Cisco test, so take that into consideration. Good luck, and keep posting.

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by ghstinshll In reply to Cisco Certification Help

Chaz, for starters read the CCNA for dummies book. Given that you don't have any experience in the field, you'll need a basic-level explanation of the topics and terms, etc...

Once you're done, take a look at the Sybex book by Todd Lammle calledCCNA study guide. It's a fat black, red, and white book on the subject. If you can afford the personal investment, think about buying some router simulation software at This will help you get practicein entering commands on a router. Actually, here's a kit of router sim software, test prep software, and the Sybex book I mentioned for $289. This should do a good job of helping you get ready.

Remember, your drive and persistence to learn this is what's going to get you through it, not a teach leading you. This will help you get a jump on the class if you're that interested in it.

Word to the Wise: Don't expect to get this certification and go out and make $45,000 like the high school is probably telling you. I've seen many schools do this and it's a shame that they think they're getting students prepared properly by doing this. There is a chance you could find a job at $12 an hour on a help desk where you won't use the CCNA hardly at all though. Just keep this in your pocket for a good night job while you're in college.

You'll also want to think of what other certifications are going to help you through college, like the Net+ and A+.

Let me re-think this... OK! Go pick up the Netowrk+ For Dummies book this summer first and complete it and the exam by the school year. Then go with my plan above, that is probably what's best for you.

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He's right

by snaginwy In reply to Sweet.

Jason's got a good point about the Net+, if you haven't already taken it. AND about the starting salary.

Another thought... just because someone else thinks the teacher isn't very good, doesn't necessarily make it true. Did the student(s)ask questions about what wasn't coming through for them? It does make a difference. Talking to the local college and companies might help you get an idea of whether they think the teacher's students got what they needed.

Bust your behind to get the information into your head so that it stays there. And go into this line of work knowing that you will have to keep learning for as long as you stay in it.

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