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Cisco Certification or Graduate School

By negele ·
I have 25 years computer experience, from application coding, to application development management, to consulting, network design and management/engineering (the last 6 years). I am a college grad BSC with some post grad work. Been to some trainingNT, Unix, Cisco, Sniffer, but have no certifications.

Is it better to get the certification for Cisco or to go through Grad school for networking in telecommunications?

opinions please..

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What is your career goal?

by reische In reply to Cisco Certification or Gr ...

It seems to me that Cisco Certification would benefit most if you plan on hands-on, wheras the Graduate Degree would be better for administration. You could always take the Cisco courses as electives and achieve both at the same time.

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Grad School generally

by BrianHarris In reply to Cisco Certification or Gr ...

A degree from a Graduate School will last forever, a certification lasts until new requirements come out. Short term the certification would be of more use, but long term the degree makes more sense.

I don't know that with 25 years of experience that either is better for you. What do you want to do "when you get older?" ;-)

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by negele In reply to Grad School generally
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CCIE vs. Uni Graduation

by ZaphodTwin In reply to Cisco Certification or Gr ...


Excuse me, but I think (and assurely hope) that anyway "narrow-minded" specialization in certain PRODUCTS' area many times better and valuable than "wide-scoped" universal however more fundamental University or College education!!! Better do not hesitate (or, as we are naming in such cases in the CIS (former USSR): "Do not brake!!! Release your internal mental hand-brake!!!) and make ANY certifications - either MCP (or MCSE, if you dare ;-D ), or CCIE, or CNA/CNE, or something else!!! It geves you more respect in professional (& financial) scope of view!...

With best regards,

Gennady Pimakhov, MCP (however, I haven't yet any financial reward for my Cert, mental piece-of-mind only... )

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Define what you meant by "Networking"?

by Longhorn In reply to Cisco Certification or Gr ...

Depends what you meant by "networking in telecommunications".

If you meant "[people] networking in Telecommunications [the industry]", ie., meeting the people, learning the landscape, etc., that drive the Telecom infrastructure in the U.S. to help you get a high-level management or executive-level job, no question a master's degree is better for that (ie. CIO, Director of IT, etc.).

If you meant "[computer] networking in [a]telecommunications [LAN/WAN environment]" then that is better learned in the hands-on lab that a CCNA or similar class would give you. This kind of cert will also help get you get that IT Manager job, and might even help your pay a bit once you get the job.

Note that I don't think that makes the Master's degree "better". It's worthless when you're at an IOS command line trying to figure out what to do. In the same sense, the CCNA isn't going to help a CIO determine what technologies he has to spend his limited budget on to bring the best ROI to his company.

It just depends what kind of job you're going to be in.

Good luck!

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