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Cisco Equipment on ebay

By Kevin_johnson ·
Guys, just want to throw this out there.
I have seen some very low prices on Cisco equipment on ebay and other equipment reseller lists on the internet. my question is, where do these people find these equipments at such prices? are they merely brokers? how do they make any profit selling at such prices? are these things fake or is there a source that i need to turn to for my equipment needs? if any one out there have any suggestions i will highly appreciate them.

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Cisco Equipment on ebay

by wbaltas In reply to Cisco Equipment on ebay

There are a number of reasons that cisco equipment is less expensive on ebay.

A lot of it is used equipment.
Some of it doesn't work.
Most of it does not come with an Operating System (IOS). Cisco IOS can be as much as 30% of a low end router.

Bill Baltas

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by TheChas In reply to Cisco Equipment on ebay

The reason for the low cost on e-bay and other used sources, is that the software license on Cisco products is non-transferable.

After buying used or gray market Cisco equipment, you MUST buy a license from Cisco in order to legally use the equipment.

Basically, unless you buy used Cisco equipment through Cisco's distribution channels, it is not worth very much.


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From what I've seen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cisco Equipment on ebay

Most of the hardware on places like e-bay are all second hand and a lot of what starts out as really cheap is ex Government stock that was sold off at auction in bulk lots. The people/companies then resell the individual bits on places like e-bay and people being what they are tend to go mad with greed. I've seen some second hand video cards sell for more than what a new and better one would once things get going and in other things I've seen what is described as "In New Condition" sell for more than it costs to buy retail.

As a good guide if it's what you want check out what it costs and then bid accordingly remembering that after the auction finishes there is still freight to pay so place your bids accordingly. On the other hand I've seen some very old items that are now very hard to get go for unreasonable prices just because they are must have items to keep some old computers running.

Try finding something like an Intel 200 Pentium Pro CPU and you'll either pay nothing for it as no one wants one or you'll pay the earth for it because of what it is. Like all auction places it's anyones guess as to what will happen. But before you get involved find out what these things really cost new delivered and then weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buying second hand unsupported hardware. It might be financially viable or it might not be depending on just how important your network is and how long you can tolerate down time before it begins costing you far more than you think you've saved.


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