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Cisco Frame not routing.

By arobinson ·
I have a small ? problem with replacing a cisco router which may be causing an issue.
I have a problem with SMTP or more correctly ESMTP which appears to be having command corruption from the router (so Surfcontrol tell me).
I have a 2600 Router running IOS firewall doing packet inspection. I only allow incoming SMTP packets via an access-list.
To check if the router was the problem I have got another router with standard IOS(1600R or 1701) & copied the config across (with slight mods). I then plug the replacement router & all interfaces come up fine and SMTP traffic flows in fine, however nothing will go the other way. I can't even ping anything. The gateway of last resort is set. I have copied below the Frame bit of the config, but changing my IP address.
Why will this not route all packets out of the serial interface - I have removed the access-list just in case but it doesn't make any difference.

interface Serial0/0
no ip address
no ip directed-broadcast
encapsulation frame-relay
no ip mroute-cache
frame-relay lmi-type ansi
interface Serial0/0.1 point-to-point
description *** PVC to CWC CID Service ***
ip address
ip access-group 111 in
no ip directed-broadcast
frame-relay interface-dlci 16
ip classless
ip route Serial0/0.1

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Similiar Problem

by fvaucher In reply to Cisco Frame not routing.


I have the same problem, but the interesting thing is that I do not have ip inspect enabled and there seems to be a problema with ESMTP because the queue of exchange keeps growing and nothing happens.

Have you resolved this?

Thanks in advance.

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