Cisco GLBP

By kent2612 ·
I am trying to implement Cisco GLBP on 2 Cisco 2821 routers with the following setup (see diagram below).

As when I link up the 2 Cisco2821 without going thru the switch I am able to ping to both Cisco2821 and also to the virtual ip.

Cisco2821(1)-- Core Router1 --Cisco2821(2)

While both Cisco2921 connects to a single Cisco3750

Can anyone one advise if such setup is possible and if possible what are the configuration I need to look into on the switch (on the 2 ports connected to the 2 Cisco2821)?

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Need Clarification

by NetMan1958 In reply to Cisco GLBP

What is the topology when it works and what is the topology when it doesn't work?

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Cisco GLPB

by kent2612 In reply to Need Clarification

With a direct connection between the 2 Cisco1821, the 2 routers are able to ping to each other, including the virtual ip configure on both Cisco2821 routers. In short, the sh glbp command enable me to see the standby ip

But if I am to connect both Cisco2821 to a layer 2 switch, Cisco2821(1) could not ping to Cisco2821(2) and vice versa. Also could not ping to the virtual ip.

Note that the initial setup is only 1 router & 1 Switch. The layer 2 switch is needed for client workstation connectivity.

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Still confused

by NetMan1958 In reply to Cisco GLPB

When you say "direct connection between the 2 Cisco1821" are you saying one router connected directly to the other router via a x-over cable?

When you connect the 2 routers to a layer 2 switch, have you verified that both of the switch ports they are connected to are in the same VLAN and both ports are open?

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by Fregeus In reply to Cisco GLBP

All connections need to be on the same vlan. Are you sure the connections on your layer 2 switch are on the same vlan as the routers? Are you absolutely sure the ports where your routers are connected are really layer 2 (I saw that your switch was a 3750 which is a layer 3. You need a command to make it layer 2)

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