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By surveymaster.shivaram ·
permit ip What is means?Please explain.

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by theta-max In reply to Cisco IOS

Obviously this is part of the access-list.
permit ip (source address)(wildcard mask)(destination address)(wildcard mask)
If I had an entry in my outbound access-list like
permit ip
that would mean that I am allowing access out from the network as long as they go to the network My example wildcard mask is meaning that all computers that start with 192.168.52.? will be allowed.
your wildcard mask means the following
ip host addresses: to
subnet mask:
maximum hosts: 14
broadcast address:

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by Nico Baggus In reply to Cisco IOS

The previous answer is almost correct.
The access mask allows for 16 addresses,
The network and broadcast "addresses" have no
special meaning here.

You can use this f.e. is you have a range of
systems say 4 pc's with address x.y.z.20, 21, 22,
23 to access a remote network a.b.c.0 ->

it would be:
permit ip x.y.z.20 a.b.c.0

The talk of network address and broadcast address
only get meaning when applied to an interface.

Kind regards,

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