CISCO IOS and power usage

By kulastone ·
Whats the best way to check what IOS versions i would need for my switches and routers? Is the CISCO network Assistant any good?

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Two possible solutions

by georgeou In reply to CISCO IOS and power usage

Only the modern blade servers in modern blade chassis have that level of reporting.

What kind of device are you talking about?

If all you want to do is figure out how much power he needs to allocate, there are two simple solutions.

1. Get a power strip with a built in AMP meter. Those are pretty slick and it will tell you how close to the 15 AMP limit you're at.

2. They have non-intrusive power clamp meters where you don't need to unplug the server or appliance. You just clamp the cable and it tells you how much amperage is flowing. This lets you measure everything.

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Blade servers

by kulastone In reply to Two possible solutions

Hey george,
How would i track the power through the blade servers?

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Depends on the blade vendor

by georgeou In reply to Blade servers

HP's class C chassis has management tools where you can even set power quotas per blade. They have one of the more energy efficient solutions I've seen. Take a look at this.

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by kulastone In reply to Depends on the blade vend ...

over here we have a p-Class and we use BL25Ps and BL35Ps

thanks for the article..

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I'm not sure if those measure power consumption per blade

by georgeou In reply to p-Class

I only looked in to the C Class.

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it did

by kulastone In reply to I'm not sure if those mea ...

Thanks george.. you have pointed me into the right direction.. thank you so much..

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