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Hi Guys, i have a cisco 2611 and a 26**. they both have quite a few tunnels and ip routes. recently i am experiencing an issue where i create a static route, wr t it, and the route is not there. i can create tunnels all day, but static routes are not sticking to the config. any ideas?

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Using BGP or RIP?

by robo_dev In reply to CiSCO IP Routing

All interfaces up?

Route overlap?

If the route isn't 'reachable' it won't show up in the routing table, for example, if your're distributing routes to BGP.

Object Tracking for reliable static routes

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by Nimmo In reply to CiSCO IP Routing

Try using the Permenant command at the end of the route entry.

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figured it out

by In reply to CiSCO IP Routing

thanks guys, in actuality, the routes were not sticking because the interfaces were not up at the time i was making the route. something simple and stupid, but i figured it out due to your hints. thanks.

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Interesting Issue

by Nimmo In reply to figured it out

The perment command at the end of the route command entry is ment to keep the route entry even when the interface drops.

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similar problem

by In reply to CiSCO IP Routing

I had a similar problem with a FWSM. Turns out it was a bad version of code.

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