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Cisco loopbacks; IP vs Transport...

By paradimes ·
I'm confused on the IP side. I understand fully the use of a loop for transport troubleshooting, and a bit on the Cisco/ip side, but there seems to be a vast amount more 'to do' with Cisco loops.

Can someone provide any detail as to how, what, why, where etc routers use loops and some examples?

What I'm use to is similar to this:

ticket received for ais...log into far side of route opposite of where ais is being reported (after initially reviewing the path); then I place a loop at the cfa/customer loc to see if I can clear the ais to further isolate into another lec/network etc...if it clears, it's confirmed to be outside that loop and issue worked accordingly...if it doesn't, I bring the loop in, rinse and repeat...

for lack of a test set, I can loop x-device in fac or term..pending direction again, rinse and repeat...

now I know some syntax for routers and loopbacks, where it can be the network, line etc...but the function itself, loopbackX seems to be used for issues that I just don't comprehend which is what I'm looking for here...

Maybe some transport people can understand the following a bit better then hopefully translate if needed...

say we are running to a lec loop and the lec has a fac loop which we are good to, rather the errors stop...then to confirm the test set, they turn the loop around and we get an ais..which is the test set is good and the trouble was confirmed past that loop..if there errors were actually clear to that fac loop...

so when router people talk and write about 'source-interface loopback0' or loop this and loop that...but there's no actual testing lost.

what is the purpose of the loop and where is the actual signal coming from or going to or what in 'transport-ease' is being attempted with this?

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