cisco mc3810-v3 access concentrator what does this do?

By mnewbegin ·
I have a network here at work. We have our T1 coming in, and it goes from our main line into our T1/E1 port on this access concentrator. We have a new internet connection coming in that i need to setup, and im wondering about how this should be configured.

We have a cisco 1700 router this is connected to also, by the serial connection, big plug on the back.

I also need to reset the passwords on them, which I am doing today.

What does this unit actually do?? any help woudl be nice.

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by CG IT In reply to cisco mc3810-v3 access co ...

multiservice router handling Wireless/Firewall /Video/PoE with many WAN connection types [ATM/Frame/DSL/PSTN.All depends on what modules you have installed.

if you don't know, would it be prudent to muck with it at the risk of service interruption?

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thanks I will look into getting a manual for this

by mnewbegin In reply to multiservice

Hopefully I can find a manual for this, or I will just tell my boss that a call from the folks that setup this part of our network must come in and help me configure the network.

does anyone have a link to a manual for this all I could find was a quickstart guide.
which didn't have much of a quick start help in it.

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no manual

by CG IT In reply to thanks I will look into g ...

there's no manual per se.

manuals and user guides on Cisco equipment are just about the same as what you would get with a TV.

Cisco equipment has its own operating system [IOS] and if your unfamiliar with it and how to configure interfaces, the most prudent course of action is to call the people who originally put in and configured the equipment.

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tons of help at

by sgt_shultz In reply to thanks I will look into g ...

first thing i'd learn is how to backup and restore the current configuration.

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