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    Cisco pix 506 firewall


    by hstetter ·

    I wanted to know if there is a way to restrict certain types of file extensions from entering a net work or only allow certain file extensions into a network. I would like to only allow say exe,jpeg,txt only into the network . Does anyone know if that is possable. I thought of doing it with EQL,s but think that it will eat up to much of the network resources.

    Thanks Rick

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      Cisco pix 506 firewall

      by mckaytech ·

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      I’ve worked a fair amount with the PIX firewall and I can’t think of a strategy for doing content filtering at the firewall itself. Generally, the method of choice would be a mail scanning program like Webshield SMTP (I’m assuming you’re talking about blocking e-mail attachments with certain extensions).

      So I can’t say it’s not possible but I don’t know how you would do it with the PIX. I’ll look forward to reading other answers from anyone who may have found a way.


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      Cisco pix 506 firewall

      by ahaleem ·

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      We had a similar situation with VBS virus sometime back and we simply Tricked it following the below mentioned steps & pushing the settings through our SMS server.

      In addition to that all-important antivirus update, you can easily outsmart a VBS-based virus by changing your computer’s default action for VBS files.

      Here’s how: In Windows Explorer, open Folder Options under the View pull-down menu select the File Types tab and scroll to VBScript Script File. Click on the Editbutton. Another window will open showing the possible file actions, with the default action indicated in bold-face type. The default action is likely Open. Highlight instead the word Edit and click on the Set Default button. Edit should now appear in bold face.

      In some older systems the Edit function may not appear. In such instances, click the New button and enter Edit in the action field and Notepad.exe in the application field. Once Edit appears, make it the default action as shown above.

      While in the file-type screen, also make sure the boxes for always show extension and enable quick view are also checked. Click OK to close the open windows.

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      Cisco pix 506 firewall

      by hstetter ·

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