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    Cisco PIX 515e ver 7.0 FTP Problem


    by techaphesys139950 ·


    We recently set up a PIX (with Passive FTP mode enabled) which allow
    1) Outgoing from Internal to External for http,https, dns,ftp, smtp
    2) Incoming from External to Internal for
    smtp, ftp , dns and POP3. We host a mail server
    and ftp server for public access.
    All the services run fine except for ftp with following problems:
    1) When client from Internal Network trying to access External FTP sites, they can login but when execute command such as ls to browse the folder/file the system just hang
    2) When client from External Network try to access hosted FTP server, the same problem occur, can login but cannot do any transfer and see any folder.
    We have tried using different FTP clients and setuo 2 different FTP servers but problem still the same.
    As mentioned only FTP is affected, all the rest work without any problem.
    Really need some big HELP on this. Thanks.


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      Same problem with PIX & FTP…

      by jkinder ·

      In reply to Cisco PIX 515e ver 7.0 FTP Problem

      We are having the exact same problem on our Cisco PIX 515e v7 firewall. Everything was working great, then we upgraded our PIX from v6.2 to v7.0 and FTP started to have problems. People on the outside coming in to our firewall don’t have any problem, but any internal user is having problems accessing an external FTP server. We have tried setting the client to active & passive modes with no luck. FTP is open outbound and when I sniff the traffic from my PC it looks fine, but it has problems listing directories and their contents. We can connect, but that’s it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I find an answer I will post it back here also.

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        by pwhubert ·

        In reply to Same problem with PIX & FTP…

        Did you ever fix the problem ? I think I now have a similar one with https.

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          Cisco PIX515e ver 7.0 ftp problem

          by foyedotun ·

          In reply to Answer

          I am having similar problem with the ftp traffic. Can you tell me the fix for this problem?

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