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Cisco PIX firewall or Checkpoint?

By nr_uk ·
For a career in Network security, having one of these would be a great advantage right? But which one would you say is "better", or rather more in demand?
Thoughts anyone?

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by kiran1828 In reply to Cisco PIX firewall or Che ...

i think checkpoint is better its a software firewall which have more advantages then PIX and cheaper than PIX

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Firewalls in demand

by ianr In reply to checkpoint

I recently walked a brand new Data Center. I noticed lots of Juniper's Netscreen Firewalls followed by PIX firewalls. Almost everyone in the datacenter had one type of Firmware Firewall or another. None of them that I saw were running Checkpoint based appliances. As I am searching the job boards, there are more Cisco based job postings then either Checkpoint or Juniper.

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Cisco PIX firewall or Checkpoint?

by meenaaschi In reply to Cisco PIX firewall or Che ...


Checkpoint is easy to configure and trouble shoot. Bec' the log will be so clear. We can write the rules very easily. Such a way checkpoint is the best firewall.Annual recuring amount is so high compared to Cisco ASA and juniper Firewalls.

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