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    Cisco port adapter not enabled


    by richard.gates ·

    There’s a fast ethernet port adapter in a cisco 7206 router that does not have the “enable” lite on. The port adapter is “locked” in the slot. When I try to go to the interface configuration, I get an “invalid input at marker”. It’s listed when I do “show diagnostics” as “unknown port adapter”, but is not in the “show interfaces” or “show running”. Any clues on how to enable this port adapter?

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      Reply To: Cisco port adapter not enabled

      by hozcanhan ·

      In reply to Cisco port adapter not enabled

      richard , it is weird that you don’t see the port in the config menu ( show list ) . remove the adapter if it is inserted in a slot . then reinsert and check the show list. If it is on board , then it might be faulty . What is the power on cycle ( lights color ) ? Otherwise , you should be able to go into the level with the : # interface fast …… command and see the status of the port . Try the adapter on an other machine or in an other slot .

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