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    CISCO Power Usage


    by kulastone ·

    Is there a command in the CISCO IOS that would allow me to track the power usage of my CISCO devices?

    If not, is there any way of tracking it?

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      by kulastone ·

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      I don’t think so. They don’t have power meters.

      by georgeou ·

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      Only the modern blade servers in modern blade chassis have that level of reporting.

      What kind of device are you talking about?

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      What specifically

      by girlgeek12 ·

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      Are you trying to see if the power source is failing, poe on the ports? The Cisco Network Assistant will give you some statistics regarding both of these. For people who are used to IOS I know the gui doesn’t have all the glam but some of the functions are a must.

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        Track power

        by kulastone ·

        In reply to What specifically

        I am trying to track how much power is needed so i dont over power a power strip and by looking at the back of the device i get to see the max useage but it would be more helpful if i could track each device and its useage…

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          can’t do that

          by georgeou ·

          In reply to Track power

          I gave answer in other post.

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          George is right

          by cg it ·

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          there’s no power metering.

          you would have to setup external meters on each device and then monitor it to find the average amperage each device uses.

          If it was me, I’d just calculate the max on each device you want to use, then add em up. If it exceeds the mfg suggested high limit, then add another strip.

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          Oh is that all he’s looking for? Simple solution.

          by georgeou ·

          In reply to George is right

          I missed his question there. If all he wants to do is figure out how much power he needs to allocate, there are two simple solutions.

          1. Get a power strip with a built in AMP meter. Those are pretty slick and it will tell you how close to the 15 AMP limit you’re at.

          2. They have non-intrusive power clamp meters where you don’t need to unplug the server or appliance. You just clamp the cable and it tells you how much amperage is flowing. This lets you measure everything.

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      Power Consumption OID

      by mbenitez ·

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      From what I have read, the power consumption OID is available as long as cdp is enabled.

      Perhaps one of these MIBs will display the info you are looking for.


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