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Cisco Router 2500 Series Model (2524)

By scope.finder ·
I was given a Cisco Router 2500 Series Model (2524)and wanted to hook it up to my LAN. I don't have the manual to it and I also need to get around the Password. My LAN is connected by DSL which is how I use my NT Server, Win 2k, and serveral other Win XP Pro. All computers are connected to a Baystack 10/100 Autosensing hub and a Baystack 303 Switch. I would like to use the Cisco router on this network as we plan to expand in the near future and would appreciate it if someone can give me full details as how should I go about putting it all together and configure it.
Your expertise would be highly appreciated, Thanks!
P.S. This message for (road-dog), Semper Fi!

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Cisco Router 2500 Series Model (2524)

by Alpha-Male In reply to Cisco Router 2500 Series ...

I just faced the exact same issues with at Cisco 2501 router I was given.

I bought the Sybex CCNA book and found it to be a fantastic resource.

I hooked up a console cable (which I bought on E-bay for about $ and was able to take a look at the router, but didn't have the password. I had to download the upgraded version of hyperterm as the basic version will not work for sending the break in the password clearing process (in the book). I used Hyperterminal 6.3 from here:

Here is another site that should be of help and interest:

(delete any spaces in the URL)

It offers the steps to clear the password, configuring etc.

Still, if you aren't knowledgeable about Cisco Routers in general, I can't recommend the Sybex book any higher. I have several other CCNA and Cisco Router references (many from Cisco), and it is consistently the oneI find the most useful.

Once you get the router configured and enable TCP/IP, configure its address, etc you can incorporate it into your LAN. From there, you have a lot of choices and possibilities...

Good luck...hope this helps!

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