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Cisco Router 871W ISR with a Linksys SPA3102

By anpereira ·

I am a very experienced user of VoIP equipment and I have operated several LInksys SPA3102 boxes behind Linksys WRV200 routers.

Recently we moved to IOS based Cisco 871W routers trying to put the SPA3102 behind them.

The router is working great and very stable with all traffic, except that the SPA3102 does not register with my VoIP provider (Broadvoice).

I have opened udp ports 69, 5060-5063 and 10,000 - 20,000 and verified that the ports are open with a port scanner. Tech Support from Broadvoice today told me that their system is blocking me because the authentication message that I am suppose to send back to them is going back "stripped".

I am a bit at the end of my rope here, and would appreciate help. Just in case we have IOS experts out there, here is my WAN port (FE4) configuration:

interface FastEthernet4
no ip dhcp client request tftp-server-address
ip address dhcp
ip access-group fw_ssh_acl in
service-policy output qos_policy
ip nat outside
ip virtual-reassembly
duplex auto
speed auto

Does anything jump up at you as incorrect? I appreciate any and all ideas that you can provide.

Thank you.

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