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Cisco Router behind 3G Modem

By alsolaih ·
[Internet]---------Cisco Router(HQ)

Please help.

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What make/model 3G modem?

by robo_dev In reply to Cisco Router behind 3G Mo ...

If the 3G is a USB-only or PC-Card modem it is not going to work with a Cisco router, as there is no place to plug that in, nor will Cisco IOS play with others.

Cisco sells the 819 or 880 which has a 3G interface built in, that would be your best bet

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Reponse To Answer

by alsolaih In reply to What make/model 3G modem?

thanks for reply.

It's a router like speedtouch or linksys, and we've already bought it.
is there away to work with that.

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Overall, for basic connectivity, that would work, but not for VPN

by robo_dev In reply to Cisco Router behind 3G Mo ...

To put a router-behind-a-router, means doing double NAT, and a IPSEC VPN will not work over a double-natted connection. Plus then there are issues with setting up firewall rules, port forwarding and even practical issues like getting onto the correct network to get to the management interface of each router.

Some routers have a VPN-passthru mode, which does allow IPSEC to work by basically bypassing the NAT firewall, however, then you would need to configure both the Speedtouch/Linksys AND the Cisco routers to setup the VPN connection.....wayyyy too complicated.

But overall, if you have a new Cisco router in the branch office, simply buying a proper 3G interface for that router, or getting a Cisco router with a 3G interface already included. Even if that costs a lot more, it will be 100% more reliable, faster, and much simpler to configure and support.

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Reponse To Answer

by alsolaih In reply to Overall, for basic connec ...

Thanks a lot, I'll inform you with the update.

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