Cisco router configuration (mpls)

By fmherr ·

I'm learning how to configure Cisco routers to enable bgp/mpls VPNs and I have a few questions.
- As long as I read, IOS has support to MPLS since version 12.1. I have a router 1721 with IOS 12.3. I was trying to configure MPLS, but the router doesn't recognize mpls commands, like "mpls ip". I thought once the IOS version supports MPLS, it doesn't matter which router it is running. Am I wrong? Both router and IOS must support MPLS?
- I am trying to access the router using telnet. I used the following commands to allow Telnet connections to the router:
aaa new-model
username cisco password 0 cisco
line vty 0 4
transport input telnet

and I associated an IP number to the router name:
ip host routername

but, when I try to connect the router, appears a message of time out (remote host not responding)

Some clues?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Wondering also on the 2600 and os ver

by jjjjace In reply to Cisco router configuratio ...

HAve you recieved any responses since I am also interested in the 2600 and MPLS.
We are in the process of planning some MPLS and we have about 12 sites on a frame with 2600 routers... If I can keep them I will...
Does the 2600 support MPLS ?

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2600 is PE router not CE router

by zillah2004 In reply to about 2600

I guess you meant that minimum router requirement for a PE router in order to run MPLS is : 2600.

Because for a CE (Customer edge)router it can be any router.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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12 sites with 2600 routers

by zillah2004 In reply to Wondering also on the 260 ...

If those routers (12 sites) are your Customer Edge routers (CE)-which I think so- then this is what cisco says :

CE routers: Use any router able to exchange routing information with its PE router.

If those are Provider Edge routers (PE)-which I do not think so- then lovtxx answered your equestion
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mpls support

by lundiedke In reply to Wondering also on the 260 ...

i'd like to answer your question about mpls supported routers. 1700 series as well as 2600 series routers are not able to support mpls simply because the hardware is not designed support such features eg. the memory capacity is quite small. The best position to use 2600 series router is CE (costomer Edge) but in the provider edge(PE)you will need one of the following routers Cisco 3640 series,Cisco 3660 series,Cisco 3700 Series,Cisco 7200 series,Cisco 7500 series,Cisco 10000 series,Cisco 10720 series,Cisco 12000 series.

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by mgithiomi In reply to mpls support
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mpls support for routers

by fragar In reply to mpls support

i am wondering if you can offer your opinion on the following routers. we are running an mpls network (verizon).

Cisco 2800 PIP circuit, Cisco 1800 or 2800 SG circuit

Thank you.

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