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Cisco Routers for Login Authentication

By Panther007 ·
I am trying to find out whether there are any Cisco Routers (not Access servers) that would allow users authentication when they try to login from a remote site-before they are even able to go through the firewall....if so which one(s)...


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by rngo In reply to Cisco Routers for Login A ...

If the router is in front of the firewall, yes you can do that.

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by rzan In reply to

A TACACS server can be setup to hold a database of users and passwords to facilitate remote user logins. Don't ask me how to set one up, all I know is that this thing exists and serves a purpose.

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tacacs+ is the stuff or radius

by me01 In reply to TACACS

The routers will do radius and tac+ but the question is more for what reason? for VPN? if it is for VPN then trust me you what nicer stuff than the ISO ip/plus stuff.
for lan/wan security segments?
for remote admin?
all kinds of questions.

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by Panther007 In reply to tacacs+ is the stuff or r ...

I am thinking about RADIUS primarily for VPN. Of course, security is always an issue. Are you suggesting something better?

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by me01 In reply to

Something separtate from the router is a nicer way of doing if you have the money and if your router is already running double duttey as the firewall. i looked at several different devices. has a nice solution but it is pricy and of cource cisco. if your router is just being a router and the processor is not already taxed then go ahead. the old saying applies two boxes are better then one.

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