Cisco Router(s), need help password wise

By haxdnoob ·
Ok, so I work at a quality inn, in the town I live in, and lately the place I worked in needed some routers set-up, the first one I did well, same for the second, but after the second, I had a problem found: I tried changing the password to the router's advanced control panel so no one could access it but the admins (I.E the managers, and me, maybe, if stuff goes to dook), but afterwards, the cisco connect software that I installed on the computer to setup the router, it said I needed the password to the router's advanced control panel and the standard 2.4 and 5 ghz networks to be the same.

I read the massively detailed walkthrough concerning the cisco router(s), and to be quite frank: big words brain hurt. Can anyone help me set it so the network passwords can be blank, no numbers, letters, symbols. But, change the password to the advanced control panel(s) to the 2 cisco routers so none of the people sans management (and me, of course) can access it; I may be smart in some areas, but with this, I'm at a loss

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