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Cisco switch isolated from the hub

By reyferns ·
I have a Cisco 2950 switch B connected to uplink port of D-Link Hub.DE816TP. This Hub is inturn connected to Cisco 2950 switch A which inturn is connected to router and external WAN. The problem is switch is able connect to external WAN but unable connect any PC connected to HUb. if we ping the PC , it gives request time out

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by vinitogupta In reply to Cisco switch isolated fro ...

Did u made sure u using the correct cable i mean to say straight through/crossover....just check it out ...secondly if all pc are connected through hub do they handshake with each other or no. Let me know this things at so i can further help you, I am a CCNA student and gonna appear for test next month so it will be my practical experience too.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cisco switch isolated fro ...

examine the info you can get from using ipconfig /all on a pc connected to your B switch. compare that to a pc you can't connect on the lan. ip, subnet, gateway and dns server settings. sounds like a dns issue to me. insufficient data. if you will take the time to word your question more completely you'll discover your own answer

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by CG IT In reply to Cisco switch isolated fro ...

you have to use a cross over cable on the uplink ports if it's uplink port to uplink port on Cisco switches. Why in the world do you have a hub in there. Hubs are dinosaurs. Just hook up the 2900s together.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cisco switch isolated fro ...

Maybe I'm reading this all wrong but the Router should be connected to the Uplink port of the first hub and then any subsequent switches/hubs should be connected through a normal port to their Uplink port.

You start at the external access point first and then connect to the Uplink ports from the normal output ports of the Hub/Switches not the other way around.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cisco switch isolated fro ...

guys, he is getting partial connectivity so can't be cabling issue. maybe you need that added on switch set up in bridge mode. i dunno. cisco website might help you

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by pgm554 In reply to Cisco switch isolated fro ...

So let me get this right,you are linking 2 Cisco 2950 Switches by using a 10 BASE T hub?


You are crippeling the speed of the network by inserting a bottleneck 10mb half duplex device in between two high speed switches!

Bad design implementation.

Let me guess,you have the switches set to manual full duplex too,right?

The switches should be set to auto only.

And if you want your network to come to a crawl,just continue to use the hub to connect the two switches.

Switch>switch>hub>router = OK

Switch>hub>swich>router = Not OK

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Im with pgm554 on this

by CG IT In reply to

when I read the question, my first thought was "you gotta be kidding". Then I thought it's gotta be someone making up some stupid senario. It's like anyone with any brains isn't going to be sticking a dumb hub anywhere on their ethernet network. I figured if he's that dumb then he's connecting uplink to regular switch port [or hub port], getting no link, scratching his head and wondering why there's a problem.

HAL is right on desgin. Work from the External link in and pgm554 is right on switch/switch/hub/router but heck whats the hub for if it's just uplinked from switch to router? Better to just uplink to the ethernet LAN port on the router [best if it's a Cisco Router] and toss the hub on the old electronics not worth anything heap. The 2950s with gigabit uplinks with a hub connected to the uplink port it is just nonsense. I'd just do the first 2950 A uplink port uplinked to the second 2950 b uplink port and then on the second 2950 use the A port uplinked to the router LAN ethernet port. Or you could swap around uplink ports or just break down and use one of the regular ethernet ports. Their all configurable for what you want to do with them. He doesn't have to use the uplink port at all unless he wants the gigabit uplink.

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