Cisco switch problem

By swaqar ·
I have Xyxel P-660R ADSL modem connected to Cisco Switch Catalyst Express 500 series. At random interval of times the switch port turn orange from green. And the internet get down until i dont reset the switch manually.
I am unable to detect the problem.
The line speed is correct.
Have changed the cable.
(as stated on cisco site for common causes that can terminate the port and put on errdisable.)
Is there anything else i can do? where to look? What possible measures i can take to resolve the issue?
Please help.

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by robo_dev In reply to Cisco switch problem

Review the logs do determine the root cause:
show errdisable recovery

to see whether it was a toplogy issue or a security violation.

Some ADSL routers are not very this a new install?

I would do things like:

-make sure spanning-tree is shut off on the uplink port

-set to the connection to 100/full at both router and switch

-look at the logs in the Xyxel

-upgrade the firmware in the Xyxel

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