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CISCO systems

By neolongfellow ·
Today my CFO shared his opinion with me that CISCO is taking a down turn and was concerned about the companie's financial status. He shared that vendors like Juniper were just as good and less expensive. I don't share thesame opinion. I CISCO products and their support as well as the reliability.

Does anyone share the same opinion with my CFO? Would Juniper or 3com be a better product and is it worth exploring the options?


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I don't share your CFO's view

by eBob In reply to CISCO systems

I don't believe that there is any evidence that Cisco is taking a "down turn". Yes, there stock prices slipped lately. Big fluffing deal! The value of a company's stocks RARELY accurately reflect the true value of the company, its products and its services. (Which will come as BIG NEWS to those nice people with their stupid stock tickers running all day: Buy/Sell!)

Is Cisco going to go away? I doubt it.

Will I continue to buy Cisco gear for my corporate networks? Yes.

Would I buy 3Com for my WAN needs? Of course not. LAN needs? Maybe.

How about Juniper? I might look into it, but I would be VERY concerned about interoperability. I would certainly look into ALL alternatives if I was building a new network from the ground up, but that is almost never the situation.

[ my $0.02 (Canadian) worth = $0.016 US ]

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cisco in trubl

by Dr Dij In reply to I don't share your CFO's ...

cisco is getting back to more realistic valuations, but not there yet. margins on their equipment were fat, so they've got competition, and juniper is getting a large share of market now thru better stuff for the price. they vastly overproduced equipment so have huge surplus inventory which should help drive down prices.

if you still want to buy cisco, try and get it 30-70% off .

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Excellent Replies

by neolongfellow In reply to I don't share your CFO's ...

Absolutely gentlemen,

I've done alot of research since I posted the question and I get alot of the same. My personal opinio is that you can't beet CISCO's support or quality of goods couple with the interoperability and the wide array of products it's just insane to try and build a network with anything else. I believe my CFO is looking at just dollars.

Thank you.

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