Cisco Vlans and Windows XP Pro

By zsmitchell ·
Here is the issue...We have a network with 5 vlans , and 15 endpoint switches (2950s). In two areas of the network, a port has been designated switchport access only to VLAN 10...that port then runs to a linksys hub, where the devices on that hub all go to vlan 10.

in two instances, I have attempted to replace that hub with another 2950, and changed the connecting ports to trunks with all vlans allowed. I then set the specific ports on the 2950 to the vlan I want.

In both instances, I lost complete connectivity. In one vlan it was just a straigh network with no AD, in the second one, it has an AD domain controller.

Can someone point me to something I may have missed? I know what I know of Cisco IOS through trial and error, and am by no means an expert.

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RE: Cisco Vlans and Windows XP Pro

by tecmjl1981 In reply to Cisco Vlans and Windows X ...

A few questions,

Are the VLANs configured on the new 2950?
Do you know if you have VTP enabled?

Can you post the output of the following privileged EXEC command --> Show VTP Status from this switch you are having an issue with and one of the working switches. The command should look like this Switch#Show VTP Status

Just because they are trunking and you allow all VLANS to traverse the trunk, that does not mean that the VLANS have to propigate the trunk

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by NetMan1958 In reply to RE: Cisco Vlans and Windo ...

In addition to the show vtp status output, post the output from "show interface trunk" from both the 2950's involved.

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