Cisco Voice over IP

By tecaprio ·
How much does it cost to implemant Cisco Voice over IP? Let's start with the following:

1. Cisco phone system for 3 Commercial locations (within 1 state)with the ability to call each other and make a calls outside.

2. Intially for at least 100 users, but with the potential to expand to 400 users.

3. Also the ability to charge a service to those that use their phones to call long distance.

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Step One

by robo_dev In reply to Cisco Voice over IP

Call Cisco sales rep or nearest Cisco VoIP integrator.

A lot depends on what is in-place with respect to routers and switches, and what, if any, of the existing stuff you want to keep.

There are things to consider like where firewalls sit on the network, what ISPs you use, if you have power-over-ethernet, how much redundancy you need, etc, etc, etc.

Then you get into your security needs, what applications are used on the network, plans for growth, etc

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