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    Cisco vpn consistantly disconnects


    by fallenangel127 ·

    I hope someone can help me. I am disabled & landed a job working from. I log in to a cisco vpn. But i can’t stay connected. I know my way around a pc but when it comes to vpn’s i’m lost. I get multiple errors but the 2 main ones are ” the vpn has reconfigured the connection & you need to restart applications using it”, the other is :The SSL vpn connectrion was terminated due to ip forwarding”
    I have spent hours on the phone with my IT people & my ISP. ISP says it’s not on their end because i never lose my connection to the internet. My IT people say it’s my ISP. I have DSL, Speedstream modem/router connected to a switch. I have 2 pc’s hooked up. The problem happens with both. Running windows XP. Turned off all firewalls, antivirus, pop-up blockers, etc.. Turned off everything in MSCONFIG. I don’t know what else to do, I really need this to work.
    Can someone help me please!!

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      Possible Problem

      by edward_b_mccabe ·

      In reply to Cisco vpn consistantly disconnects

      There can be any number of issues, getting a little more information would be helpful. My first area that I would look at is if you’re using an IPSEC based VPN. Seeing as you said you have the DSL modem and coming into a switch to feed to PC’s, I’m going to presume that you have some type of Network Address Translation (NAT) going on, with IPSEC and NAT have known issues – that could be the problem.

      What you’ll want to make sure is that you’re enabling specific port pass through for the protocols needed by the VPN. This means knowing what type of VPN is being established or attempting to be established by the VPN Client and concentrator (IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP, etc).

      You may also want to put one of your PC’s into the DMZ (lock the system and harden it before doing so) — while it may work, it’s not the preferred method as it will expose and open the system up to potential attacks.

      I know that this may not have helped much, but without detailed information, I’ll try to help out as much as I can.


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      Possible solution

      by nctech ·

      In reply to Cisco vpn consistantly disconnects

      Don’t know if you are using static IP but, while browsing for a similar problem, i found this:

      If you have a DSL or Cable Internet connection and the VPN Client disconnects after working for an extended period and you then lose the Internet connection, it may be that the device in use as the broadband router (e.g. Linksys, Westell 2100) has a DHCP server configured as the default LAN configuration.

      The computer can be set to have a static IP address rather than use DHCP. Alternatively, you may keep the computer as a DHCP client but make the following change to the VPN Client configuration to resolve this problem:

      1. Launch the VPN client.
      2. Click on the VPN connection in use on the General tab and click the Edit button.
      3. Click on the Advanced button.
      4. Check the bottom box labeled “Exclude DHCP (bootp) from Tunnel”. NOTE: It is recommended to check this box for ANY machine that is set for DHCP.

      And Also:

      If there is no communication activity on a user connection during this 30-minute period, the system terminates the connection. The default idle timeout setting is 30 minutes, with a minimum allowed value of 1 minute and a maximum allowed value of 2,147,483,647 minutes (more than 4,000 years).

      Choose Configuration > User Management > Groups and choose the appropriate group name to modify the idle timeout setting. Select Modify Group, go to the HW Client tab, and type the desired value in the User Idle Timeout field. Type 0 to disable timeout and allow an unlimited idle period.

      Hope this helps.

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