Cisco VPN issues to connect with cable modem and works with router

By cgcastaneda ·
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Hello to all, maybe someone could give some advice.

I have a cisco VPN client running in Windows 10.

When I try to connect with VPN using the WiFi of cable modem Hitron (let say WiFi_1), doesn't show the authentication window and after less than a minute appears error with reason 412 "The remote peer is no longer responding".

Then if I try with the WiFi from router (Linksys) that is directly connected to cable modem (let say WiFi_2 that extends the WiFi), the connection is established without issues.

Router has WPA2 and Cable modem had WPA and I changed to WPA2 but the same problem remains.

I think some setting should/could be changed in Cable Modem in order to work, but I' don't know which could be the trick.

Another strange thing is that if I reboot the machine, I could connect to VPN using the cable modem WiFi at least for some hours.

Thanks for any advice

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