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Cisco VPN with a Microsoft PPTP client

By Mountain01 ·
I have a small office with only workgroup computers and a single Cisco 837 ADSL router as the internet connection. I have been assigned the task of providing remote access to the office. A requirement of this is that the VPN clients must be Microsoft PPTP and the VPN server must be the cisco device, but also we must have access to the internal network behind the router to enable remote desktop to the PC's.

I have been unable to find any information on doing this. I can only seem to get info on using a cisco VPN client.

If anyone has done this before or has any ideas that would be great.

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by Iain z-uk In reply to Cisco VPN with a Microsof ...

I haven't got that much experience on cisco, saying that i do have three 837s, which i VPN through (not the same situation as you as i mine goes to an internal server not the 837). I don't believe it is possible to use the 837 as a PPTP endpoint but it is possible to use it as a L2TP endpoint (with a preshared key i believe). You do have a couple of other options, you could map the protocols and ports you want to use ie RDP to the internal PCs, and if you don't have enough public IPs you could always change the RDP port to make it unique for each PC. You can also set up access list so that you can only remote desktop in from certain locations. Unfortunately i don't see away round not doing the VPN thing if you're wanting to use windows file sharing etc.

I hope i've given you a couple of options, is there a particular reason it has to be PPTP?



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