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    Cisco Web VPN


    by phscalisi ·

    Anyone have any experience with this? I am trying to get an access database to run through my 3000 concentrator using thier port forwarding, and it is killing me. The database makes an ODBC call, and that is where it is failing. I am pretty sure I am using the right ports, but would love to get some help. Thanks in advance.

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      by advancedgeek ·

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      I just did this yesterday…but I was using SQL server to do it. That is probably what you’ll need to do. I opened port 1433 TCP, and port 1434 UDP. Open the Enterprise manager portion of SQL server, and create a security account within. You’ll need to setup a password to do it. Open the connection panel of the database, and it worked. Quite easier than I thought it would be. Good Luck.

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        by advancedgeek ·

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        your 3000 concentrator is a VPN correct? You shouldn’t need to do anything other than connect to the VPN, then connect to the datase.

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